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How to Change Currency on Google Flights: A Quick Guide

Google Flights is a popular tool for travelers to search and book flights. One of the features it offers is the ability to view prices in different currencies. For those looking to change currency on Google Flights, understanding how to do so can help in making informed decisions and potentially saving money on flights.

Changing the currency setting on Google Flights is a straightforward process that can be done with a few simple steps. adjusting the currency, users can see flight prices in their preferred currency, making it easier to compare costs and plan their travel budget accordingly. Whether someone is looking to book a flight for business or leisure, having the option to switch currencies can enhance the booking experience significantly.

In this article, readers will learn a quick guide on how to change currency on Google Flights. From accessing the currency settings to selecting the preferred currency, each step will be explained in detail to ensure a smooth transition. By following these instructions, travelers can leverage the currency feature on Google Flights to make well-informed decisions when booking their next flight.## Finding Currency Settings

Upon visiting Google Flights to change the currency settings, users can locate this feature with ease. Follow the simple steps outlined below to adjust the currency to your preferred option:

  1. Navigate to the Google Flights website on your web browser.
  2. Look for the Settings option on the homepage. It is usually represented by a gear or three vertical dots symbol.
  3. Click on Settings to reveal a dropdown menu.
  4. Within the dropdown menu, locate and select the option for Currency.
  5. A new window or pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose your desired currency from the list provided.
  6. Once you have selected your preferred currency, be sure to save or apply the changes to update the settings.

It is important to note that changing the currency settings on Google Flights can enhance the user experience, especially when viewing prices and making bookings. By setting the currency to your local preference, you can easily compare prices and plan your travel budget more effectively.

In case you encounter any issues or are unable to locate the currency settings, you can refer to the Help section on the website for further assistance. The process is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring that travelers can customize their settings hassle-free.

Selecting Currency Preferences

When using Google Flights, selecting the preferred currency is a crucial step to ensure accurate pricing and cost comparison. Here are some key tips to guide users through the process:

  1. Accessing Currency Settings: To begin changing the currency on Google Flights, users should first visit the website or app and navigate to the settings menu. This can typically be found in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Locating Currency Options: Within the settings menu, users should look for the section labeled Currency or Currency Preferences. Clicking on this section will provide a dropdown menu with various currency options to choose from.

  3. Selecting the Desired Currency: Users can now select their preferred currency from the list of available options. It's essential to choose the currency that is most familiar or convenient for accurate pricing comparisons.

  4. Saving the Changes: After selecting the desired currency, users should remember to save the changes before exiting the settings menu. This ensures that the selected currency preference is applied to all future flight searches.

  5. Currency Conversion: It's important to note that currency conversion rates may apply when booking flights in a foreign currency. Users can opt to view prices in their preferred currency or the local currency of the departure or arrival destination.

  6. Real-Time Currency Updates: Google Flights automatically updates currency exchange rates to provide users with the most current and accurate pricing information. This feature helps travelers make informed decisions based on the latest market rates.

By following these simple steps to select currency preferences on Google Flights, users can streamline their booking process and make informed decisions when comparing flight prices.

Applying Currency Changes

When it comes to changing the currency on Google Flights, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Here's a quick guide on how to apply currency changes seamlessly:

  • Step 1: Begin by visiting the Google Flights website on your preferred web browser.

  • Step 2: Navigate to the top right corner of the screen, where you will find the option to select the currency. Click on the current currency displayed.

  • Step 3: A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to choose from a list of supported currencies. Select the desired currency you wish to switch to.

  • Step 4: Once you have selected the new currency, the prices displayed on Google Flights will now reflect the chosen currency. This makes it easier for you to compare and plan your travel expenses accurately.

It's important to note that currency conversion rates may apply when changing currencies on Google Flights. Keep an eye on any additional charges or fees that may arise due to the currency switch.

By following these simple steps, travelers can customize their Google Flights experience according to their preferred currency, making it more convenient to plan and book flights with clarity.

Always ensure to double-check the currency selected prior to making any bookings to avoid any discrepancies in pricing.

For travelers looking to explore various flight options with the convenience of viewing prices in their local currency, changing the currency on Google Flights can enhance the overall booking experience.

Verifying Currency Update

After changing the currency on Google Flights, it's essential to verify that the update has been successfully implemented. Here are a few steps to ensure the currency change has taken effect:

  1. Selecting Flights: Re-enter the desired flight search parameters to see if the currency symbol reflects the new currency you have chosen.
  2. Comparing Prices: Check the prices of flights in the search results. Ensure that they are now displayed in the new currency you selected.
  3. Reviewing Total Costs: Proceed with the booking process until you reach the final payment page. Verify that the total cost is shown in the new currency.

Currency Conversion Data

To provide a straightforward comparison, here are some example data points showing the conversion of USD to EUR for flights:

Currency USD EUR
1 USD 0.85 EUR
50 USD 42.5 EUR
100 USD 85 EUR
500 USD 425 EUR

By following these steps and checking the currency conversion data, travelers can ensure that the currency update on Google Flights has been successfully applied. Remember to double-check the currency symbol, flight prices, and total costs to avoid any discrepancies in the booking process.

Troubleshooting Currency Issues

When using Google Flights, encountering currency issues can be frustrating but resolving them is possible with a few simple steps. Here are some common currency-related problems travelers may face and how to address them effectively:

  • Currency Not Changing: If the currency on Google Flights is not updating to your preferred choice, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. This action can help refresh the page and allow you to choose the desired currency again.

  • Limited Currency Options: Google Flights supports a wide range of currencies, but sometimes certain currencies may not be available. In such cases, consider using a widely accepted currency like USD or EUR for your search.

  • Incorrect Conversion Rates: Keep in mind that Google Flights provides estimated conversion rates which may not always reflect the exact amount you will be charged. The final amount may vary slightly due to fluctuations in exchange rates or added fees by your bank.

  • Different Prices in Different Currencies: It is not uncommon to see variations in prices when searching in different currencies. This can be due to exchange rate differences, taxes, or region-specific pricing by airlines. It's recommended to compare prices in a few different currencies to ensure you're getting the best deal.

  • Contacting Google Support: If you've tried the above steps and are still experiencing currency-related issues, reaching out to Google Support can be beneficial. They can provide further assistance or insights into any technical glitches affecting the currency selection process.

By following these troubleshooting tips, travelers can navigate and resolve currency issues on Google Flights efficiently, ensuring a smoother booking experience.

Checking Payment Options

When booking a flight through Google Flights and changing the currency for your payment, it's crucial to check the available payment options to ensure a seamless transaction. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Accepted Payment Methods: Google Flights typically accepts major credit and debit cards for transactions. Before finalizing your booking, verify if your preferred payment method is supported to avoid any inconvenience during the checkout process.

  • Currency Conversion Fees: Depending on the payment method and currency exchange rates, there may be additional fees associated with converting your payment into the desired currency. It's advisable to review the terms and conditions to understand any extra charges that may apply.

  • Secure Payment Processing: Google Flights prioritizes the security of online transactions; however, it's important to remain vigilant and ensure that you are using a secure internet connection when entering your payment details. Look for the padlock icon in the browser to confirm a secure connection.

  • Check for Discounts or Promotions: Before making the payment, explore if there are any ongoing discounts or promotions that you can take advantage of. Sometimes, using a specific payment method or currency may make you eligible for special offers or savings.

By carefully reviewing the payment options available on Google Flights and understanding the associated terms, travelers can make informed decisions while booking their flights. Remember to double-check the accuracy of your payment details before proceeding with the transaction to avoid any potential issues.

Reviewing Final Booking Details

When booking a flight through Google Flights and changing the currency, the final step involves reviewing all booking details to ensure accuracy. This crucial stage allows travelers to confirm their selected itinerary before making the payment. Below are some key points to consider during the review process:

  • Flight Details: Verify the departure and arrival dates and times, the airline, flight number, and layovers if applicable. Ensure all details match your travel preferences.

  • Passenger Information: Double-check the names of all passengers, ensuring they match the identification documents that will be used during the trip.

  • Baggage Allowance: Review the baggage allowance for each passenger to avoid any surprises at the airport. Make sure to adhere to the airline's policies regarding cabin and checked baggage.

  • Seat Selection: Confirm that the desired seats have been selected for each passenger, especially if specific seating arrangements are needed for a comfortable journey.

  • Fare Conditions: Understand the fare conditions associated with your booking, including any restrictions or penalties for changes or cancellations.

  • Price Breakdown: Check the total price breakdown, including the base fare, taxes, fees, and any additional charges. Ensure there are no unexpected costs.

  • Currency Conversion: If you changed the currency during the booking process, verify that the conversion rate is favorable and that the final amount aligns with your budget.

By diligently reviewing these final booking details, travelers can avoid potential issues or discrepancies before confirming their flight reservation. This meticulous approach contributes to a smoother travel experience with minimal last-minute surprises. Take the time to review all aspects of your booking to ensure a stress-free journey.

Contacting Support for Assistance

When dealing with currency changes on Google Flights, there may be instances where users encounter challenges or have questions that require direct assistance. In such cases, reaching out to Google Flights customer support can provide the needed guidance and solutions.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when contacting support for assistance:

  • Customer Support Channels: Google Flights offers various channels for users to seek assistance, including online support, email, and phone support. Users can choose the method that best suits their preferences and urgency of the matter.

  • Detailed Explanation: When reaching out to support, it is essential to provide a detailed explanation of the issue faced when attempting to change currencies on Google Flights. Including relevant order numbers or transaction details can help expedite the resolution process.

  • Patience and Politeness: While seeking assistance, it is important to maintain a patient and polite demeanor when communicating with support representatives. Respecting their time and following their instructions can lead to a quicker resolution.

  • Clarification of Policies: If the currency change issue involves billing discrepancies or policy queries, users can request clarification from support regarding Google Flights' currency conversion policies and fees.

  • Feedback and Suggestions: Users can also use the opportunity to provide feedback or suggestions to Google Flights regarding their currency change experience. This can help improve the platform for future users.

For users facing persistent currency change issues on Google Flights, contacting support for assistance can be the most effective way to resolve the issue and ensure a smooth booking process. By following the outlined steps and utilizing the available support channels, users can navigate currency-related challenges with confidence and ease.

Recommended Tips for Currency Conversion

When it comes to changing currency on Google Flights, there are a few key tips to keep in mind for a seamless experience:

Stay Updated with Exchange Rates

  • Regularly check currency exchange rates to ensure you get the best value for your money.
  • Consider using reliable currency conversion tools to stay informed about the current rates.

Compare Different Currency Options

  • Experiment with changing the currency settings on Google Flights to see which currency offers the best deal for your desired flight.
  • Keep in mind that currency values fluctuate, so be flexible with your selection.

Be Mindful of Additional Fees

  • Be aware of any additional fees that may apply when changing currencies, such as conversion charges or foreign transaction fees.
  • Factor these fees into your decision-making process to avoid unexpected costs.

Utilize Incognito Browsing

  • Consider using incognito mode or private browsing when changing currencies on Google Flights.
  • This can sometimes help to prevent price fluctuations based on your browsing history.

Book in the Local Currency

  • If possible, consider booking in the local currency of the destination you are traveling to.
  • Some credit cards offer competitive exchange rates for foreign transactions.

Check for Package Deals

  • Explore package deals that may include currency conversion benefits or special offers.
  • Keep an eye out for promotions that could save you money on both your flight and accommodation.

By following these recommended tips, travelers can optimize their currency conversion experience on Google Flights and potentially save money on their next trip.


Google Flights offers a convenient way to search and book flights with the ability to change the currency to suit your needs. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, users can ensure a seamless experience when adjusting the currency settings on the platform.

  • Flexibility: Users can easily switch between different currencies on Google Flights, allowing them to view prices in their preferred currency for better comparison and planning.
  • Global Reach: With support for multiple currencies, Google Flights caters to a diverse audience worldwide, making it easier for travelers to find the best deals no matter where they are located.
  • Transparency: The currency conversion feature on Google Flights provides users with real-time exchange rates, ensuring transparency in pricing and helping travelers make informed decisions.
  • Cost Savings: By being able to view prices in their local currency, users can avoid confusion and potential extra fees that may arise from currency conversion during the booking process.

In conclusion, the ability to change currency on Google Flights adds a layer of convenience and accessibility for users looking to book flights online. Whether you are planning a quick getaway or a long-haul adventure, the platform's currency customization feature ensures a user-friendly experience for all travelers. By taking advantage of this functionality, users can make more informed decisions, compare prices more effectively, and ultimately enjoy a smoother booking process overall.

Remember, staying informed and exploring all available options is key to finding the best flight deals, and Google Flights equips users with the tools they need to do just that. Happy travels!

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